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Whitley Hall Hotel in Sheffield – about this venue

The early years

Whitley hall hotel is a magnificent 16the century mansion in Sheffield. This wonderful ivy clad goliath is located in more than 20 acres of woodland and immaculately manicured gardens. Before Whitley Hall existed there was an earlier house on the same land which was called Launder House. This was first reported all the way back in 1406 where the owner John Cartwright gave up his right to the house to William Robinson and his families heirs.

In approximately 1530 the mansion was passed down to Thomas Parker and records loosely show that he embarked upon and massive rebuild of Launder house which transformed it into the amazing place it is today. When Thomas died Whitley Hall was passed down the line and inherited by his son and it was at that time known by it’s new property title of Whitley Hall and not Launder House. He then carried the baton forwards with the rebuild and even had a stone lintel carved in one of the door ways to show ‘Willm Parker: made this worke 1584’; a nice testament to the era.

Whitley Hall has had it’s share of famous guests over the centuries, with Mary Queen of Scots reportedly staying overnight here in the 1580’s which was during her captivity period at Sheffield’s Manor Castle. This is hearsay over the years though but adds a great air of mystique to Whitley Hall regardless.

From the 1600s

In April 1622 Whitley Hall was transferred out from the Parker family and into the Shirecliffe family, it is presumed to be a normal sale that allowed the transfer rather than inheritance. During the Shirecliffe family’s ownership the hall was leased to a Mr John Rider and he used the hall as a boys boarding school right up until 1833 as far as records show.

The Hall was next on the market during it’s time as a school, in around 1816, and was purchased by Mr William Bingley who bought the property with a family residence in mind but not for immediate use. Indeed, it is unclear exactly when but sometimes after 1850 the Bingley family moved into the hall after some extensive renovations. The occupants for some years were then Henry and Maria Bingley who continued to add to the hall with new living quarters and a new morning room fireplace. Their signatures are etched into one of the window panes in the hall and they are dated 1889! Soon after this a lodge was constructed at the top of the drive into Whitley Hall and this enabled it’s occupant to live rent free, purely for opening and closing the gates for the wealthy Hall’s owners.

Modern day Whitley Hall

Back into modern day and Whitley Hall is used for all manner of functions, particularly weddings! If you are having your big day at Whitley hall and want to book your own Sheffield wedding photographer, please do use the contact us form and I will get back to as soon as possible! Please be fast as dates are first come first served due to our popularity!