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Wedding Planning Photography – Confetti


There are a lot of outdated wedding traditions that a lot of my couples don’t bother with any more, however, one that I think deserves to be done & done in the best way possible is the confetti throw.


I rave about confetti photographs & how to mix things up where the type , look, colour & distribution is concerned. It’s a true joyful moment whether you choose to do it walking down a confetti aisle or stood still – doesn’t matter to me, but what does matter is the confetti itself.


The one thing I ALWAYS say to all of my couples in their consultations is to never depend on friends & family to bring their own confetti. Even if you ask them, even if you put it on the invitation or on the wedding website. You must supply your own confetti to really make sure you are going to have the best possible opportunity to create that stunningly good confetti photograph.


There are tons of ways to get lots of confetti – DIY it, use confetti cannons or buy it online & loads more ways to present it to your guests. Have it handed out by bridesmaids or ushers, stick them the the back of the order of service, create a confetti bar (awesome new trend in the US, I really hope it comes here!)

Make sure it’s biodegradable though & always ask your church or venue about their rules on confetti. Some places are really casual about it but others have very strict rules and regulations.


A couple of tips that may or may not change your mind on the type of confetti that you use are that really small dried petals can be very itchy if it gets in your outfit (and believe me, that stuff gets everywhere!), rice can be quite scratchy & brutal when being thrown at your face & as they are smaller, they can be harder to see in photographs.

Stick to larger petals & paper as they will not only be easier to see in the photographs but also a heck of a lot easier to pick out of your hair, your mouth, your clothes & other *cough* areas. 😉




Using biodegradable cut out paper is a great way to dd some personality to your confetti throw. Cut out shapes yourself that tie in with your theme!


Bubbles are a fun alternative to the traditional confetti throw!




I photograph the confetti throw much the same way as I do the rest of the day – in a fun documentary style.