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Grays Court York Wedding Photography – Lora & Dario

November 29, 2016

Grays Court York Wedding Photography

Grays Court York Wedding Photography is always an absolute joy to be a part of. I have been here before at this breathtaking wedding venue in the centre of York. You can see another Grays Court York wedding right here! Grays Court York wedding venue is a beautifully tucked away treasure in the centre on York surrounded by the city walls.

I loved it when Lora walked out into the gardens for the ceremony & was greeted by a loud cheer by bystanders on the walls above! It was so much fun to see & amazing to see so many people happy for completer strangers!

Relaxed Wedding Day


Lora & Dario wanted a relaxed atmosphere to their wedding day at Grays Court York. This meant they wanted a relaxed approach to their Grays Court York wedding photography too. They managed to have a beautiful, relaxed wedding day & they didn’t compromise on style or substance. They didn’t have a particular theme they wanted to follow but they did use Pinterest to gather ideas about decor & styling. They did a wonderful job with the styling & they ended up with a beautifully chic wedding day at Grays Court York.

We took a short walk around the outside of the venue to get some gorgeous wedding photography & used a lot of the Grays Court grounds too.

The Wedding Suppliers


Lora wore a beautiful three piece; a low back sweetheart bustier, a lace tee & a stunning organza silk shirt from Jean Jackson Couture in Manchester. Dario wore a navy suit from Reiss.

The exceptionally beautiful flowers were by local florist Fiona Hogg in York. The beautiful cake & the macaron favours were made by Dale at French Critter.


What they had to say about the wedding photography :


“Our photographer was Sarah Folega, who we met at a friends’ wedding the year before. (Nikita & David’s wedding at Appletreewick.) She was absolutely fantastic, and not only took gorgeous photos, but was also instrumental in making sure the timings of the day went to plan!”

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I hope you have enjoyed the wedding photography you have seen here today! If you happen to be still looking for a Grays Court York wedding photographer or for wedding photography in the UK or destination do get in touch!