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Should You Go For An Unplugged Wedding?

Unplugged Weddings


The concept of an unplugged wedding has been around for a while now. The idea really hails from the US. If you look on Pinterest you’ll find lots of unplugged wedding inspiration.

There is a lot of information out there as to whether or not you should think about going unplugged. Should we go unplugged just for the wedding ceremony? Should the whole wedding be unplugged? Is it even fair to expect other people not to take photographs? There are so many questions that you may have, so here is my take on unplugged weddings. I hope it helps you decide one way or the other! Just remember, there’s no right & wrong really. It all depends on what you want & how you feel!

People want to share in your happiness & joy by taking photographs. It’s what people do. They want to mark the occasion with a photograph & with the rise of the smartphone, it makes it so much easier.

I do often come across hobbyist photographers on the day & do they get in my way? Sometimes, but as a professional wedding photographer, I can quickly & quietly work around them so it’s never a problem. If someone jumps in front of me in the ceremony aisle then I’m not afraid to politely ask them to move or to just move in front of them. A normal guest with a small camera and/or a phone is never an issue for me when I’m working.

Bride and groom walking through a confetti throw in Surrey

It’s important to note that the reason to choose an unplugged wedding shouldn’t be about making life easier for the photographer (although it definitely does!). The reasons you should want to choose an unplugged wedding ceremony are as follows:

By choosing an unplugged wedding you will only see happy faces as you walk up the aisle & back down again as a married couple & not a sea of mobile phones & iPads.

Everyone will be completely present without distractions. All of your guests will be in your confetti photographs & not hidden by their cameras or phones.

All of your family & friends in the group shots are only looking at me & not the other people at the side of me. (I’d like to note here that if there is someone wanting to take a group shot, I’ll either ask them to wait until I’ve got mine or let them go first & then I’ll get my shot after. This usually ends up with a bit of  fun banter!)

Nunsmere hall wedding photography

If you aren’t sure about a full unplugged wedding, why not compromise & just have an unplugged ceremony. I have to admit, I do like taking photographs of people taking photographs & I wouldn’t be able to do that if the whole wedding was unplugged!


Massive selfie at Brackenborough Hotel

So, if you do decide to go unplugged, how do you let your guests know?

You have a few options. If you have a wedding website then why not add a section about it there, this way you can include the reasons why you want to go unplugged. You can add something to your invitations to let people know ahead of time. Unplugged wedding Signs are also a great way to let guests know – you can have them displayed so people can see them when they arrive.

Most of the time in ceremonies, the officiant does announce people shouldn’t take photographs until after they have left the ceremony – this is something you could ask them to do when you meet up with them & they will be more than happy to do so. This is a great compromise to make sure your guests are fully present but are able to snap away after the big ‘I do’.

What do you think? Are you having or planning on having an unplugged wedding or ceremony? If you’d like to chat more about your wedding then do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Brackenborough wedding venue - guests taking a selfie