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Winter Wedding Photography

Danby Castle Wedding

Winter Wedding Photography


Are you having a Winter wedding? Winter weddings definitely hold a special place in my heart as my husband & I were married on the 23rd of December. I’m definitely a winter person, it’s not that I dislike summer. On the contrary! There is definitely something uniquely special about an intimate, cosy winter wedding. Log fires, guests cuddled up in blankets, warm mulled wine – oh it’s just magical!

Weddings in colder months are so atmospheric. The light is usually quite dramatic & if can create some of the most amazing photographs. Where weddings are concerned winter can give us the most beautiful light, particularly around sunset time. We can sometimes see falling snow, sparkling frost on the ground, pretty decorations & twinkly Christmas lights as far as the eye can see.

Planning is definitely key to a successful winter wedding. Especially where wedding photography is concerned.

Photograph of bride getting her make up done at a Winter wedding at Hirst Priory



Any photographer that you choose for your winter wedding must be Your photographer needs to be comfortable working in low light situations & using flash if needed. For me, it’s about using what’s available to me. Winter weddings can create some really stunning & atmospheric light – I’m definitely going to make the most of that!

Here are a few things to think about when planning your winter wedding!

bride and groom portrait at Old Vicarage Boutique Wedding



Ceremony Choice

You may be choosing your wedding venue in the spring & summer months which means it may have a different vibe during the day. It may be worth looking at a venue you like in the evening to see what it looks like in low light. How they light it in the evening may be what makes you choose it or rule it out. Some venues really come into their own in the evening & some lose that appeal they had during the day. Make sure you love it all day & night!

Are you planning on having outdoor elements to your winter wedding day? Then make sure your venue has a back up plan if the weather is absolutely awful! Remember to let your guests know if you are planning  anything outdoors so they can dress / choose shoes appropriately.

Ceremony Time 

There’s no set rule here really. It all depends on the look you are going for. I’m not going to say you should have your ceremony as early as possible as maybe you want a ceremony by candle light / fairy lights with very little natural light.

Maybe you want a late ceremony because you want to use the winter nights as your backdrop? If you do want to use as much natural light as possible before it disappears into the night then you want to be having your ceremony, ideally, before 2pm. Just to give you an idea, usually, the sun sets in late October between 5:30/5:45pm. In December, the sun usually sets around 3:45/4pm.

You could opt for a first look so that you get to have some natural light images as well as some darker ones later on. Just have a chat with your other half & see what you want to do. Then chat with your photographer to see what they think. You may not want to see each other before you get married, which is absolutely fine. Whatever you decide to do & in whatever way, you have to rock it!

Fine art winter wedding photography at Danby Castle - bride and groom at sunset


Wrap Up Warm

Remember to dress / accessorise for the weather. Wraps, shawls, warm blankets are a life saver in the frosty air. Using these in photographs can also make for some beautiful & fun results. Make sure to bring a warm coat – in between locations for photographs you are going to thank me for reminding you to take your coat! If you forget yours, I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind lending you theirs while they are inside in the warmth & you are in the cold outside! You may also want to take some wellies or easy to get on & off boots if its muddy or just a way to make it easier to get to different locations.


Weather Forecast

Weather can change on a whim here in the UK. It can be gloriously sunny one moment. Pouring down rain in the next. You have to accept that the weather may not be great in Winter! Honestly, you have to do that in the summer too! I have also had some of the best weather at weddings in Winter! So whatever the weather – just go with it!

Whatever the weather you need to be adventurous. Don’t be afraid to go out in all weathers to get some awesome shots! You will only get one chance to do it on this day! So make the most of it! If your wedding outfits get mucky, then so be it! They can be cleaned after all!


Danby Castle Wedding - bride and groom holding sparklers



Travel Arrangements 

As beautiful as winter weddings are, it can also mean a risk of bad weather. Roads can be perilous at this time of year & if your venue is remote it could be even worse. If bad weather does arrive on your wedding day or even a few days before, it may mean some guests may not be able to make it. If bad weather is forecast it might be worth paying for your photographer to stop the night before close by to your venue. Travel & accommodation is included in my wedding packages so I would happily come & stay over if the weather forecast was terrible! You don’t want them to not be able to make it if the weather is really bad.

If you’d like to chat about booking me for your winter wedding you can get in touch by popping over to the contact form. Come & say hi!

If you are getting married between October & February – get in touch for some special rates!

Venues in order of photographs that make some beautiful winter wedding venues : Hirst Priory, The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel, Danby Castle.