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Wedding Photography – Love & Emotion Never Ages

Wedding photograph of couple in a cherry blossom tree at Botanical Gardens Sheffield

Wedding photography can be a tough gig. Thankfully, I love being a Sheffield wedding photographer & I feel blessed every time I am a part of someone’s special day! If I didn’t love being a UK wedding photographer I wouldn’t be doing it. There is a lot of pressure on your shoulders to get it right, not mess it up & to prove to your couples that they made the right decision to hire you.

Wedding photography at Mere Hall

I don’t want to just photograph your wedding though. I want to document it. I want to show you all the emotions that other people expressed when you didn’t see them. I want to show you those funny moments that happened between your guests that you weren’t a part of. I want to show you that emotions & love, no matter how cool or trendy your wedding is / was will never fade.

Wedding photography in the Lake District

Pom poms & giant balloons with confetti in may go out of trend, but those moments – laughter, love, tears & raw emotion will never age.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore photographing details in weddings. Wedding days that have lots of little personal details to them that really showcase you as a couple are awesome, but don’t stress it if you can’t stretch your budget to get those copper goblets or some hay bales for people to sit on. Don’t stress it if your budget doesn’t stretch to get those flowers to fill the venue from ceiling to floor.

Wedding photography at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel

Wedding photograph of bride crying with her parents

man crying in a wedding ceremony in Nottingham

The details always seem so important in the planning stage. Although they play a part of making your day look like it does it isn’t those moments that you will want to look at when you are feeling emotional. When you want to look back on the people that shared your magical day with you.

It’s the shared glance between your parents or your best friends or your siblings as you exchange vows. The person crying into a tissue during the speeches. That shocked look on someone’s face during a raunchy joke in a speech. It’s the moments when they thought I wasn’t there when they share a kiss or a joke with other – I could go on for a very long time, but you get the idea of where I am going with this. Documentary wedding photography like this allows you a window straight back to that moment.

bride and bridesmaids laughing at phone

As a documentary wedding photographer, I will of course photograph every inch of those stunning details you put into your day & I will enjoy every moment of it. However, what trumps the details for me is the moments. The real, raw emotion filled moments that happen when you are there & sometimes when you are not.

man cheering after wedding in the lake district

I want to document the love. Love is awesome. Love never goes out of fashion.

wedding guest crying at Mere hall

If you are still looking for a Sheffield wedding photographer & you love the documentary style of wedding photography then get in touch! I photograph weddings not only in Sheffield but all over the Uk & destination weddings.