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Engagement Photo Shoot – Should we?

Engagement photo shoots or pre wedding photo shoots can make people feel uncomfortable & anxious. I would say that a large majority of my couples tell me that they aren’t very good at having their pictures taken or that they just don’t like having their pictures taken.

So why, you might ask, should we bother having an engagement shoot at all?

couple kissing in the rain

There are tons of great reasons why you SHOULD have an engagement shoot, but in my honest opinion as a wedding photographer, the most important one is to remove any anxieties & any fear you may have about being photographed in the first place.

Close up of couple almost kissing

I think that most people are worried about having their photographs taken because they just don’t know what to expect. It’s not often that people have had professional photographs done in this way before. This isn’t counting those shots on the sofa with your brother and sisters and someone waving a teddy at you to make you look at them! It can be a daunting experience going in.

Couple stood hugging behind trees in Yorkshire

Are you going to be made to do cheesy poses, made to feel silly, fake smile till your cheeks hurt? Not with me, no!

couple hugging with girls hair over face

What you can be sure of going in to an engagement shoot is that I definitely won’t be doing of those things. You may not believe me now, but I promise after a while of getting to know each other, me watching how you naturally interact with other & a lot of laughter, you will start to enjoy yourselves!

couple together at sheffield botanical gardens

Another great reason for an engagement shoot is that you know exactly what to expect on the wedding day. You know exactly what to expect from me & I don’t need time to watch how you interact with other as I already know.

Close up of couples arms and hands holding each other

Obviously, another great reason is that it’s just a really lovely time in your life & it’s great to get the ‘before’ photographed. You might want to style it a bit more, maybe give it a theme (coffee shop date, maybe take it to another European city, involve any animals or family members or maybe even just a special shoot at home with the two of you. With engagement shoots, the sky is the limit.

Read more about what to expect on your engagement shoot *here*!

Couple hugging and laughing behind blossom tree

Couple stood in botanical gardens greenhouse

couples hands near a coffee cup in sheffield

couple stood on rock in peak district

couple through a fence at bolton abbey

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