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Thinking About An Elopement?

As elopements become more popular in the wedding scene you may start to wonder if it’s the right move for you & your other half. An elopement may be just the two of you, it may be just you & your parents / siblings or very close friends.

There’s a boat load of reasons to chose an elopement over a large scale wedding day: budget, not being able to get all the family to the wedding, maybe you just want to get married quickly without all of the fuss of planning a full scale wedding. You may suffer from anxiety & the thought of standing up in front of all of those people, even if they are close to you, may fill you with absolutely dread. An elopement is a perfect way to be able to show your love for each other without all the anxiety inducing situations.

Whatever your reason for eloping they are, in my opinion,  particularly romantic & they can be full of heart & adventure.

Take a look below to give you a few things to think about if you are planning an elopement.

Your Wedding Budget

Compared to a full wedding day with upwards of 50 guests, an elopement can save you a whole bundle of cash. Or, maybe you could spend the money you were planning on the full wedding on a dream adventure. You could combine your dream holiday & an elopement & turn it into a real adventure.

If you fancy saving your money for a down payment on a house or for the future then you can elope on a much smaller, cheaper scale. A registry office wedding (there are some really beautiful registry offices by the way) followed by a dinner for close family & friends is a lovely idea.

You could also elope & have a wedding reception on another evening so that you can share the celebrations with all of your family & friends!

There are no rules when it comes to elopements – you day, your way!

The Legalities

I know that getting married on a cliff top or on a beach or even in your parent’s lovingly tendered garden might sound an absolute dream. However, you do still have to make sure that the legal boxes are all checked appropriately.

You can’t legally get married outside here in the UK. If you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony then you either have to find a venue that has a registered outdoor structure or alternatively you can do the legal bit in a registry office & have a humanist ceremony anywhere you like.

Choosing Witnesses

Bear in mind that if you decide to elope in the UK you will need at least two witnesses to make it legal. It doesn’t have to be someone you know, you could use two people at the venue or even find random people on the street if it’s just the two of you!

If you are having a photographer then they can actually act as witness for you so you would only need one other person to act as a witness at your elopement.

Having A Photographer

A lot of people may think that it’s over the top to have a professional photographer photographing your elopement. Personally, I think an elopement is even more reason to have it documented professionally. There aren’t going to be many people there so you are going to want to be able to share the magic of the day with people that were not there on the day.

Beautiful photographs are just as important whether there is a hundred people or just ten at your wedding. Your photographs are a reminder of the beauty that you shared together. If you are eloping & you’d like to chat more do get in touch!

Letting People Know

The only issue I foresee with an elopement are that there may be a few people that might be just a bit put out by not being involved. Of course, I’m sure that the closest people to you will be thrilled no matter what your decision, but, it’s worth being prepared that some people may express their disappointment that they are not involved.

My advice would be to be sensitive about it to those that may be upset. Gently tell them the reasons why an elopement is best for you & don’t back down. Don’t feel pressured into a big wedding that you don’t want because a distant relative is upset they aren’t getting an invite.

Elopements are a wonderful way to get married to the one you love. If you want to see what an elopement can look like then you can see one right here!