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A Derbyshire Dales Love Shoot!

Couple in the Yorkshire dales on engagement shoot

Engagement shoots are AWESOME!! As a wedding photographer I love photographing couples in love & this is a perfect way to take some time to do just that. My engagement shoots are a great way to take some time out to really connect with each other. You definitely don’t have to be engaged to do one of these couples photo shoots! All you have to be is completely in love with each other & open minded to having some beautiful images done!

If you are planning to have an engagement shoot ahead of a wedding that’s great! They are a great way for us to connect before the big day. Wedding days can go by in an absolute blur (it’s why you hire me to photograph it so you can look back on it all!) and we might not have as much time to meander around exploring like what we can do on an engagement shoot. A wedding day is also about spending it with your family & friends & that’s why we typically don’t have hours to explore. If you do want to explore the area on your wedding day thats fine too!

You will be photographed in my usual style of a natural, documentary & fine art feel photography. I will help you to relax & feel at ease at showing emotions whether that’s laughing or crying! These shoots will be a real look into how you interact with other so all you have to do is be yourselves!

Most couples are anxious initially but this soon subsides as we walk around & you realise it’s nothing to be worried about!

This particular couples photo shoot was in the Derbyshire Dales & we explored the area & found some beautiful spots!

Engagement Couple in Derbyshire


If you are interested in a love shoot for the two of you then please get in touch. There’s nothing quite like being in love & being able to photograph these beautiful & timeless moments is a true honour.

If you are on the fence about an engagement shoot then check out the wedding planning guide. You can find a post about what to expect right here!

Close up of couple on engagement photo shoot

Couple behind trees on engagement photo shoot

Couple on cliffside engagement shoot

Couple cuddling on engagement photo shoot on cliff


bride to be derbyshire dales

Would you both love to do something like this? Get in touch if you do! I’d love to hear from you.