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Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer in Sheffield or anywhere in the UK is likely to be one of the hardest wedding planning decisions you will make. Aside from the venue & the date, choosing your photographer is next on the list. I can book up 2 – 3 years in advance so it’s always worth contacting your favourite photographers as soon as you can. As a Sheffield wedding photographer, I have been lucky enough to have some couples not book their venue & date until they were sure I was available. That always blows my mind & makes me feel so blessed!

It can be an overwhelming task if you aren’t sure what it is you are looking for in a wedding photographer. Do you want a traditional & more formal photographer? Do you want a more natural, candid approach? If you aren’t sure this post will hopefully help you understand your choices a little better.

As with most things, you should begin by doing some research on what style of wedding photography you are looking for. Wedding blogs are a great source of inspiration & there are lots out there that usually focus on different styles of photography. Looking for something a little more alternative? Then check out Rock n Roll Bride, Offbeat Bride or Way Out Wedding to name but a few.

bride & groom together in Grays Court York wedding

Maybe you are looking for a more fine art, editorial style? Then check out Style Me Pretty, Love My Dress & Wedding Sparrow.

Google is also a great source of information (as it is with everything!), recommendations from other couples & a quick search on social media such as Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram can provide lots of ideas.

bride and groom at Whirlowbrook hall wedding

Most wedding photographers mix one or a few of the styles & create their very own special look & style for their work. Within my work you will find a mix of documentary & fine art editorial wedding photography. Although my work is mostly documentary, I will take time to do any important group shots that you want as well as create some creative portraits.

Your first instinct over choosing a wedding photographer should be someone whose work you absolutely love. Choosing a wedding photographer whose work you love will mean you will always get the same joy out of looking at your wedding photographs as you did the first time you saw them.


You will want to create a shortlist of photographers’ that you love. Once you have that, you can then think about what budget you are allowing yourself for the wedding photography. Budget is a tricky part! Some people choose to budget a massive amount on photography & basic allowance on everything else. Some only allow a small amount on photography & budget big on everything else. There is no right & wrong here. The importance you place on wedding photography will help you determine your budget.

Wedding photography in Sheffield

Once you have your shortlist in place you can then start by touching base with them & finding out if they are: a) available on your date & b) within your budget. Most photographers I know will travel the length & breadth of the country as well as travel abroad. So, unless it’s really important to you to find one thats on your doorstep then their location doesn’t matter as much. They usually will have their location on their website. So just have a look around to find out if logistically it would be possible to photograph your wedding.

Groom and gus laughing at grays court york wedding

If they are from a fair distance away they probably will require travel & accommodation which you would normally have to pay for. So, this will add to your budget. In my opinion, they probably wont require a huge amount of added money for travel & accommodation. If it’s only a matter of a few extra pounds & if you really love their work then that is surely worth paying.

At the first enquiry provide as much detail as you can as this will help your potential wedding photographer what type of day you are having. Don’t forget to tell them the date & the location of the wedding. It’s always helpful to explain what it is your are looking for from your wedding photography so they can tell you straight away whether or not they can deliver what it is you want.


You want to be able to make sure your potential wedding photographer is consistent in quality & style. Ask them if you can see a couple of full wedding galleries as blog posts only tend to display highlights. I am always happy to provide a link to one of my full galleries on the website. Just get in touch & I will happily pass that along to you!

Do they have insurance, back up gear & a network of other photographers that can step in during an emergency? These are questions that you should always be confident in asking.

bride in reflection of glasses of groom in York Wedding

Your wedding day is unique & special to you. You should choose wedding suppliers that are passionate in making it a wonderful day. You need to love your wedding photographer’s work & you need to be able to get along with them & see them as being a part of your day!

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss your wedding day you can by clicking here!