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Boudoir Photography – Why Have a Boudoir Session?

You have probably heard of boudoir sessions before but you may not fully understand what they are all about. Boudoir actually means ‘bedroom / private room’ & specifically referred to women.


A boudoir photo shoot is a sensual, often emotional, photo shoot. This often takes place in a bedroom setting either at home or on location. You don’t need a reason to have a boudoir session. You definitely do not need to be a model to feel amazing & empowered. Don’t wait until you lose a few pounds to do it, you are beautiful now – you are always beautiful in any given moment. I will absolutely prove to you that you are.


Combined with professional hair & make up you will have a amazing experience. It’s normal to feel nervous, I wouldn’t expect any less. My natural approach to how I photograph boudoir sessions will put you at ease. We will spend some time going over what’s going to happen so that you feel prepared. I use both film & digital photography in my boudoir sessions & although I’m based in Sheffield I will travel all over.


Need more convincing that you should go for it? Read these top reasons why I think you should!

You’ll look Fantastic!

Don’t put off the boudoir session because you have a few pounds to lose, just don’t. Trust me, if you keep saying that you will never have it done. You are beautiful now, you will feel beautiful in the boudoir session & you will be amazed at how good you feel afterwards. As a boudoir photographer I know how to pose you to flatter you in the most beautiful way. The way I work with light with also show you in the most sensual way. You might want to arrange a night out after the boudoir session as you will feel like going out to celebrate!


You’ll feel fantastic!

A few hours away from normal life & being pampered is a great way to feel amazing. Not only that, but as the shoot goes on you will grow in confidence. Then, when you see the finished photographs you will be blown away!


It’s A Gift To You! 

Not only can a boudoir photography session with me make a wonderful gift for a significant other, I think, more importantly it makes a great gift to yourself. Self empowerment is a wonderful thing & a boudoir sessions does just that. Celebrate your beauty.



Remember, a boudoir sessions is all about you. There’s absolutely no pressure at any time. You can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable at any time during the session.